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6 spiagge nascoste a Malta e a Gozo

Armatevi di scarpe, cappello, crema, acqua, maschera e pinne e………………………………partite

1. Wied Il-Ghasri, Gozo

Wied il-Ghasri


You’ll likely need a local to help you get to this picturesque cliff-bound inlet, or at least a good map. But, once you’ve made it to the rocky parking area, make your way down a narrow staircase cut into the rock leading towards a tiny, gritty beach. The inlet’s beauty and charm is what draws the locals to this stunning valley and the snorkelling is pretty good too, so long as the sea is calm. It is best avoided in rough weather though, when the waves come crashing up the narrow defile.

2. Fomm Ir-Rih

Fomm ir-rih


Located just off the village of Bahrija, Fomm Ir-Rih has got to be one of the most isolated and untouched bays in Malta. Most probably because getting to this little beach is not easy and requires a little hike – for this reason, be sure to put on your best walking boots, since the footpath, cut into the rock, can be a little tricky. Alternatively, you can access the area by boat, which will make things a lot easier. The views here are spectacular and the water, crystal clear, making it the perfect location to swim or snorkel when calm. But, when the wind blows north or west, it can get pretty dangerous, so be sure to look into Malta’s Windfinder first.

3. Ix-Xatt L-Ahmar, Gozo

Ix-Xatt L-Ahmar, Gozo


This beautiful and peaceful bay is an ideal spot for swimming and a little snorkelling, complete with a stunning view (the west coast of Malta). Experienced divers may also revel in the wreck of the deliberately scuttled old ‘Malta-Gozo Ferryboat, ix-Xlendi,’ which lies in the depths just beyond the bay. For the most part, this bay is rarely busy, despite it being located just one bay along from Mgarr Harbour, within the site of the Guardiola of Fort Chambray. Perhaps because getting here is not that straight forward: a narrow road that winds down from Ghajnsielem.

4. St Peter’s Pool

St Peters Pool


This natural swimming pool, located at the tip of Delimara Point, is a popular spot amongst the locals from the south, and though it may not be easy to get to (this rocky inlet is tucked away) it is certainly worth the trip, particularly if you love to snorkel. In case you’re curious to know about the location’s name, legend has it that this used to be the place where St Peter baptized Christians during his visit to Malta.

5. San Blas, Gozo

San Blas Bay, Gozo


Lying in a quiet spot amid the striking fertile valley, this bay is very similar to Ramla il-Hamra, due to its red sand, but, it is a lot smaller and a lot harder to get to. For the most part, it remains exceptionally quiet, even during the peak of summer, perhaps due to the very steep hill (closed to traffic) that leads to the beach.

6. Imgiebah Bay

imgiebah bay


Better known as Selmun, Imgiebah Bay is an isolated beach which does not attract swarms of crowds. Getting here can be a little troublesome though, as many Maltese do get lost trying to remember which road leads to this pretty bay – then there’s the climb down the cliff path which does put many off. Nevertheless, rest assured that the trouble you do take to get here will be worth your while, making it the perfect spot for some snorkelling amid untouched natural beauty – just make sure that the sea is calm first.

Plan ahead! Most of these secluded beaches do not have kiosks, so be sure to take a packed lunch with you. With that said, there are no bins either, so take an extra plastic bag for your rubbish (and dispose of it properly), let’s keep our lovely beaches clean!

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