Your financial intermediaries and financial advisors (sorry product sellers) are filling your portfolio of risk, supported by regulators and MIFID and all that damaging certified stuff … the risk is full in your pocket, particularly with 50% of that investment-grade graded #BBB or less (Italian bonds amongst them)

In the arena of corporate and government bonds as soon the spread will move and liquidity drying up, you will perceive what NOT BE #ANTIFRAGILE means, say thx to your advisors and regulators

The 2 buildings on the river Main in Frankfurt, are so close to being in a sightseeing distance, #ECB for the bank and #EIOPA are telling the finance world that banks and insurances are incapable to create value, because they have to reshape their business model and management … But they have the highest concentration of highest #executivepay.

the mainstream media are not independent and not the right place to find financial inspiration … only a truly independent advisory can be part of your path to be antifragile without products to sell maltaway

Asset allocation and asset governance are only #independent #advisory services #maltaway
Because when the #asimmetry #transparency #conflictofinterest #novaluedelivered #notransparency are too high, the market shifts away accordingly #maltaway

Your assets governance (people & capital) independent international advisory & education partners the choice for the best assets allocation and of the best jurisdictions for you your business your assets #investments #wealthmanagement #monetarypolicy #investors #wealthprotection