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CeO con minor seniority ma capaci di affrontare rischio, mercati instabili, nuovi business model e competitors

Con  Malta way puoi trasferire la tua società a MALTA o partire con il tuo nuovo business,  noi ti aiutiamo anche a costruire il tuo Board nel rispetto delle norme internazionali societarie e fiscali, sviluppando un modello di Governance dove un CeO a suo agio in mercati instabili  si abbina a senior Executives capaci di governare la complessità globale

Insomma abbinare il bisogno di innovazione e il coraggio di agire, a intelligenza, integrità ed esperienza

When looking to hire a new CEO, corporate boards of directors are increasingly bypassing C-level executives and appointing less seasoned leaders.

They are still looking for chiefs with the traditional attributes of intelligence, integrity, and stamina—traits that have defined great executives for decades. But boards are now also seeking CEOs who understand signals in today’s unpredictable environment and are comfortable acting on them—abilities that directors hope will more than offset candidates’ relative inexperience. All too often, C-level executives are overly focused on internal issues and opt to invest in familiar opportunities rather than taking bold risks.

The phenomenon of fast-track CEO succession appears to be most prominent in the retail, technology, media, and telecommunications sectors—all of which are particularly affected by disruptive business models and new competitors.

Boards are reaching deeper into the companies they oversee to find executives who embrace disruptive technologies and digital media; have a proven record of innovation; are confident global citizens, able to operate in developed, emerging, and frontier markets and lead across diverse cultures; have an acute understanding of shifting demographics in their customer base; and have adaptive leadership traits, such as exceptional curiosity, open-mindedness, and the courage to act.

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