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The most astonishing trend in EU tax competition is the increase in the number of personal income tax schemes targeting foreign individuals.

The number of such schemes has increased from 5 in 1995 to 28 today.

A provisional ranking suggests that the most expensive are the Italian and Greek high-net-worth schemes
Italian and Greek high-net-worth-individual (HNWI) schemes, the Cyprus high-net-worth-Individual (HNWI) scheme and the Cyprus, Greece and Portugal pension schemes.



Apart from the differences amongst EU members regarding super #TAXhungryState due to an #overindebted and #state footprint of the economy and
the huge differences between the #worldwidetax regime and #territorial #remittance based regime,
the countries luring the super-rich with preferential tax deals increased more than fivefold, and the highest harmfulness scores are for #Greece #Italy #Cyprus #Portugal #Denmark #Luxembourg.
Curious to see the enlarged #PIGS list
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