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Here are two links to calculate the net salary starting from the gross

the first very reliable and updated, specifically referable to the labor market in Malta

the second one is more generic and it is possible to calculate the salary also for other nations and make a comparison

MALTAway offers a placement, internship and stage service with companies in Malta, with specific counseling based on the candidate’s profile. Contact us here by filling out the form


MALTAway is a web portal driven by a holistic vision to offer integrated services such as Corporate Services, Tax & Legal, Governance, Investment, Business Advisory, Relocation, in favor of the Corporations, Business, Finance, HNWIs

MALTA way: our knowledge of the World, Europe and Malta as a factor of your success!
We are at your disposal to assist you in a professional path, from the analysis and planning phase to the delivery of the transfer to Malta or other jurisdictions of people, HNWIs, assets, corporations, with the identification of the most suitable solutions based on compliance and your specific Income and Wealth profile, through specific advisory packages.

We will be able to evaluate together your specific needs and provide you with the appropriate answers to identify the services offered by MALTAway and benchmarking Malta’s opportunities with other European or non-EU countries

The Transfer to the best Jurisdictions of capital, brains, energy and skills does not stop, here in Malta and from Malta, the best people and Corporations can find a professional ecosystem for the services you need for your true internationalization.

We can offer you our full advisory services:

To analyze the pros and cons
To decide in a conscious manner
To implement the decision in a professional manner

Placement internship/stage in Malta

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Here are some precise directions and tips for finding a job in Malta

Linguistic knowledge:

a good knowledge of English is needed, at higher levels for qualified jobs. If you do not know English Malta can be a good starting point to learn it. In Malta English is the official language, it is easy to attend international communities and there are many qualified schools where to attend English courses at much cheaper costs than in England.

Find yourself on the spot

For jobs in the tourism and hotel sector or in the shops it is advisable to be on the spot and to visit the main towns such as Sliema, Valletta, Bugibba among the hotels, restaurants, shops before the start of the tourist season, which goes from March to October, or visit job search sites in local newspapers and the internet. The hourly wages offered are not high (between 4-5 euro base) even if in Malta the cost of living is on average lower than in Italy, particularly in northern Italy, but you can also use the work experience for improving English.

Good curriculum in English

For more qualified jobs you need a good curriculum in English and pay attention to the grammar and spelling to not immediately give a bad impression. Get help with writing in English if you are not so sure in the language to avoid mistakes. If, on average, the Maltese do not speak refined English, it must instead take into consideration that local professionals have often studied in England and know English perfectly with an Oxford accent and many companies are international with people from different countries with native English or almost English.

Before the interview

As already said before, prepare to hold an interview in a foreign language trying to make a presentation of themselves and the experiences made in relation to the specific job position sought. If it is a direct interview with the company do not go without information about it.

Jobs in the IT, finance and gaming sectors are highly sought after in Malta

Sites to look for work:

The Maltese Government website is a good place to start looking for a job: but also to get useful information or to participate in training courses.

useful sites to be consulted to find work in Malta, in addition to the two international ones previously indicated in the foreign part, are:

Specific to the iGaming and Betting branches are:

for generic opportunities without level or sector specificity

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