A customized, multi-country Tax consultancy service for the internationalization and protection of individuals, investors and companies, in relation to their income and assets situation.

European and International clients ask for a multi-countries service, where the taxation advisory about different countries, including the country of origin and the country of destination, fits their individual profile, income, wealth.

Clients are looking for compliance, efficiency, independence, global know-how, speed, therefore we offer:


Are you cash rich and time poor?

A personalised professional Taxation and Legal Advisory service, for the choices of Expatriation, transfer of Residence abroad and protection of Individuals and Businesses with the comparison between your jurisdiction, Malta and 30 other countries

with analysis of specific individual needs and identification of opportunities and solutions offered by a re-domiciliation of Individuals, Families, Investors, Companies, or assets to Malta and other 30 different countries, an International Advisory service with solutions and opportunities in and from Malta with respect to your jurisdiction of origin and other countries in Europe or outside Europe:

We offer a highly qualified professional advice, to compare the tax implications amongst different jurisdictions of these sources of Income and investments, considering the Intermediaries involved in the transactions, the location of the Asset, the residence and citizenship of the Owner




There are two main systems of world taxation: worldwide taxation and territorial taxation.


The tax system of ‘worldwide taxation’. The ‘worldwide taxation’ system is based on taxation on a worldwide basis, according to which income produced anywhere in the world by a resident individual is taxed and not only that produced in the territory of the State.

For example, an individual who is an Italian citizen residing in Italy (or Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, USA …) is subject to this tax system and must therefore pay taxes to the Italian Treasury on the basis of all income produced in Italy or in the world.



Different is the system of taxation on a “territorial” basis that applies to non-domiciled persons who are required to pay taxes in the country of residence only on income produced there.

For example, a natural person who is an Italian citizen and has transferred his residence to Malta is subject to this tax regime and is considered non-domiciled.



It is a solution with a package built for each individual category of recipients, which allows you to evaluate with greater depth and therefore awareness of a choice, on an important decision for their future, the change of tax and legal profile, the consequences on their economic situation both in terms of income and assets.


To understand, decide, act, contact us without hesitation, finding the most efficient and protective taxation solutions is everyone’s right!