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INTERNSHIP, STAGE or school-work placement in Malta

Internship, stage or school-work placement in Malta:
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It is often debated that the education system in the world and Europe ends up not building specialization and continues to keep the distance from the world of work, offering too long paths that lead young students to face the world of work with extreme delay compared to scholars from the best countries of Europe or the world with the best integrated and performing education system and labour market.

Often the problem is that the students do not know what they want to do and are not able to build their own future.

The necessity of linking the study to practical and direct experience becomes more and more urgent, and the recent inclusion in school of work-school alternation is also a proof, but often young people are not able to value their own talents and to open a path for the future.

It is time to move to give our children a better future and it is time for young people to want to build a future and find the enthusiasm lost to do so.

The European school system has for some years been called upon to deal with the new socio – economic context, not only Italian but also international, to offer students “skills that can be spent in the world of work”.

This is what is required by the new European legislation on the subject of school / work alternation but above all what is necessary for young people to be competitive on the market both at national and European level.

Many nations in Europe have for years already developed paths where the school is more oriented towards finding a link with the local job market by offering young internship and internship solutions.

What does the new labor market require?

It requires quality skills that cannot stop even in-depth study of literary and scientific subjects but must have contextualized learning, direct relationships between knowledge and direct experience and practice, involvement, adaptation to changed technological and social contexts.

The experience of mobility and work abroad enriches th cultural and experiential baggage of young people also in anticipation of the future inclusion in the labor market through the extension of practical training in a different context than the national one and with the use of the English language.

For the students to get in touch with the culture and traditions of a different country as well as being outside the family environment, knowing how to adapt to the habits and behaviors of another people undoubtedly lead to developing individual and interpersonal skills that are strongly required. in the current labor market.

Furthermore, the study and intensive practice of the English language is certainly an additional qualifying skill in the student’s path of study.

The experience abroad offers a really high-level training opportunity that can become distinctive in the curriculum of young people.

An internship or a stage in Malta is a recommended experience for all young people who want to have a work experience abroad that is within the scope of:

  • a school-work placement projects foreseen in many advanced countries by the recent reforms of the school system for young people of the last years of high school to create a first bridge between the school and the world of work
  • a work experience abroad at the end of the high school cycle or during the years of the University to live a new experience and acquire new linguistic skills
  • for all those wishing to enrich their curriculum with a work experience abroad in an English-speaking country.

We help you through a preparation process, mainly and especially in English, to realize your projects for work experience as internships or internships unpaid in Malta with relevance to the course of study in environments where it is possible to combine the skills in the world of work with the knowledge of an international context and at the same time learning and improving the language by acquiring general and specific linguistic skills related to the profession.

Through the experience of mobility and work abroad you can enrich your cultural and experiential baggage also in anticipation of the future inclusion in the labor market through the expansion of practical training in a different context compared to the national one and with the use of the English language.

This work experience abroad offers you a really high-level training opportunity that can become distinctive in your curriculum.

It is expected to be included in various professional sectors such as tourism, IT and web marketing, etc. based on the skills, age and availability of companies.

What needs to be done to start an internship, an internship or a school-work exchange abroad?

You have to have a CV ready in English, a cover letter where to motivate the interest for this type of experience, identify the sectors of interest and the period.

Surely it is advisable a period of at least 4 weeks to make the experience very useful both in terms of work and improvement and learning of the English language.

You need to send the CVs and find a company interested in hosting you for the internship, make a preliminary interview on Skype and if they are interested, prepare the suitcases to leave for the new experience.

Are you worried about this? Do not you know if your resume is adequate? Is it frightening to support a job interview in English? You do not know how to find a reality where to do an internship or internship?

We can follow you in all these steps to plan and implement with you an internship, a stage or a school-work placement in Malta really active and engaging by following you in all the different stages

  • first orientation contact in English or Italian
  • Review of your CV in English
  • assessment of your level of English by qualified and certified teachers
  • a test with an English teacher of the job interview on skype
  • looking for a place for your internship in line with your interests
  • talk on skype with the company identified for your internship
  • introductory meeting with the company that will host you
  • internship / unpaid work placement at the host company
  • certificate attesting the internship / stage or the school-work placement
  • report by the host company on your performance

Contact us for all the details and costs of the internship or internship + English language or internship + accomodation packages.

You can combine working experience with classroom hours with group or individual English language courses to improve your knowledge of the language by joining part-time internship solutions.

We can then offer you solutions for staying on the island to find accommodation with packages that combine internship + accommodation as well as additional services, for those who wish, as a transfer to / from the airport, welcome kit with sheets / towels and first shopping at your arrival.

School / work placement projects in Malta

We collaborate with schools for qualifying projects for the organization of school-work alternation activities in Malta, through the design of courses with classroom training activities and work experiences at local bodies to develop

  • acquisition of general skills in the labor market
  • development of specific skills in the sector of interest
  • knowledge of an international context
  • learning skills in the English language
  • all essential elements to enable young people to enter the world of work successfully.

It is planned to include internships in various professional sectors such as tourism, IT, web marketing, fashion based on skills, age and availability of companies.

Proposals for school / work placement activities

It is possible to plan alternative work school placement projects in Malta, all certifiable, which provide for

  • work activities with internships at local institutions and companies for 20 or 40 weekly hours
  • coaching of classroom activities with direct experiences in the company
  • English language courses in the classroom and workshops for knowledge of the local business and economic context
    alternating excursions

It is therefore possible to carry out projects that involve the placement of young people in internships / internships for 20 or 40 hours per week in the context of companies and local authorities to get in touch with an international reality of work, to know the rules of the local market, to speak and develop skills in English from € 299.00 per week (6 nights) for groups of 15 students + 1 companion. Lower prices for large groups and the possibility of organizing individual internships.

We can also provide projects with English language courses in the classroom (20 lessons per week) combined with workshops aimed at deepening the labor market and meetings for the knowledge of the Maltese economic and social context or 20-hour company internships.

It is also possible to plan the alternation on a trip where to combine the knowledge of the artistic and cultural heritage that Malta offers with moments of training and workshops to discover and learn about the world of work and the local market in a truly international context.

Period for school / work placement projects in Malta

It is possible to program projects of activities of school / work placement both during the period of the teaching activity and during the summer breaks.


WHY Maltaway

Maltaway is a team of European professionals with a consolidated international experience that lives and works directly in Malta.

Maltaway has selected the best solutions in the local market and collaborates with carefully selected and certified affiliated partners.

Maltaway’s competitive advantage, based in Malta, is to be an advisory company also in the Education and labor market sector and is represented by a deep knowledge of both Italy and Malta, allowing you to assist with professionalism in the planning phase of the program, to respond to the needs in a personalized way, and to be your privileged point of reference on the spot.

Call the Maltaway advisors for an informative chat

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