Why Moving to Malta is a great decision

Expat Residency
Malta successfully offers a truly unique and cosmopolitan
lifestyle, combining luxury with comfort, the modern
and the traditional, and work with pleasure – and has
recently introduced new programmes which offer special
benefits to foreigners wishing to move to the island.


Benefits of Investing in Maltese Property with casa malta and ask to MALTAway for your Residency scheme



Expat Residency Malta’s relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere and warm climate have attracted expats and high-net-worth individuals for centuries. Still relatively inexpensive, but offering a wide range of modern amenities, the island has become one of Europe’s top spots for affluent foreigners, expats as well as globetrotting professionals looking for a permanent or temporary home. Seduced by the island’s unique Mediterranean charm and 300 days of sunshine a year, some 20,000 foreigners already live in Malta, and the island’s expat community is growing steadily with its flourishing business environment.

  • Malta’s economy is stable and one of the star performers in the EU in terms of GDP growth.
  • A great selection of luxury property is available, with a number of developments earmarked as Special Designated Areas (SDA) with no restrictions on acquisition for foreigners.
  • Malta is a signatory to around 70 double tax treaties, many of them guaranteeing that profits generated from the sale of immovable property in Malta shall be taxable only in Malta.
  • Malta is a Mediterranean country with a fantastic climate and infrastructure and English as an official language.