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PORTUGAL TAX change for NHR in pension and royalties


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Now if the new measure comes into force with a minimum of EUR 7500 / year, it means that for a pensioner with a gross pension of EUR 20,000, the taxation will be neither zero nor 10%, but a real 35%

“Foreigners with non-habitual resident status cease to be tax-exempt and will be subject to a tax rate of 10% on their income.” with a min of eur 7500

The Portuguese government is also looking into applying a 20 percent tax on the performance fees and royalties of non-habitual residents.

Moreover, making the purchase of properties in Lisbon and Porto ineligible for the Golden Visa might lead to a significant drop in interest in this program.

“The zero percent tax that Portugal applies to cross-border pensions is not sustainable in today’s world, But taxing royalties and performance fees will put off the kind of people that have helped put Portugal on the map.”

The proposed tax increase on the overseas pensions of NHRs follows complaints from Finland and Sweden that, when combined with bilateral tax treaties, the scheme results in an effective zero tax rate on private pensions.

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