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Relocation: education and school guide

Designed to support parents embarking on an international assignment or a relocation to another area in their country of origin, this substantial service will be an invaluable resource for relocating families and the HR decision-makers, global managers and relocation professionals who support and advise them.

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Moving is a stressful business, even if you have done it many times before. For employees, there is the challenge of getting to grips with their new role and work commitments and understanding the nuances of the business culture in their new location. For partners, there can be concerns around finding employment and settling the family.

For parents with accompanying children, sourcing appropriate school places is paramount; without the reassurance of a school place, they may even refuse the assignment or relocation move.

Moving with a family isn’t easy, but with the right information and support, parents can make informed choices and give their children opportunities that will widen their horizons and help them to become global citizens. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we can reassure parents that there are education options to meet their needs, and experienced professionals within schools and experts across the globe who can help them make the right choices for their individual circumstances.

For HR, global managers and employers, understanding changes in education systems and the complexities of curricula, domestically or in regions around the world, can be bemusing. This guide will help them deal confidently with parents who need school places in their new location and who require support to enable them to take up an international assignment or a domestic relocation move.

It will also help them to understand the education and family issues involved, and to make fair and informed decisions that support their organisation’s talent and enable them to function as effectively as possible in the new location from the outset.

It’s another tool to help them guide families through the transition and change that are inevitable in moving and establishing a new network and sense of home.


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