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TAX your WINE BUBBLES in Europe


Look at the Eu Commission DB

You’ll find the highest excise taxes on sparkling wine in Ireland, at €6.37 (US $7.08) per standard sized wine bottle (750ml or 20oz). The United Kingdom and Finland are next, at €3.11 ($3.46) and €2.98 ($3.31), respectively.

Of the countries levying a sparkling wine tax, the lowest rates can be found in France (€0.07, or $0.08), Romania (€0.08, or $0.09), and Malta (€0.15, or $0.17)

All European countries also levy a value-added tax (VAT) on sparkling wine. The amounts shown on the map relate only to excise taxes and do not include the VAT, which is charged on the sales value of the sparkling wine bottle.

New Year's Eve in Europe. Sparkling wine taxes in Europe

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Malta offers an attractive non-dom regime whereby expatriates who take up residence in Malta are

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whilst either

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C) the capital gains remitted to are not taxable at all.

Many expatriates choose one of Malta’s attractive residency schemes to benefit from the non-dom rules.  As a resident of Malta, a primary residential address is required there.

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