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think to a licensed business or profession, a degree, a chartered advisor, a club membership, auditing, finance etc .….

Is a lot more dangerous than just an IDIOT, who due to free-market exposure and fair competition is always limiting his range of action because of the other players’ better offers

The Certified Idiots instead, being protected by barriers, a kind of a certification for his abilities and under the shelter of a public system (built up to protect the certified one, not you), is keeping his pace longer and abuse of the people trust in his certification and of a reduced supply capacity being the NOT CERTIFIED out of the market.

There are certified idiots e certified Thieves … and the room between them could be narrow … they play politics to protect themselves

Who does not need God to behave honestly, who needs God to behave dishonestly … a world of certified idiots


Wearing a CERTIFIED DRESS (or uniform), makes you feel to be NOT accountable to anyone


Who does not need a Certification to work professionally, who needs a Certification to work unprofessionally … a world of certified idiots


There is a huge gap between advisors’ declarations to work in your best interest and those who actually perform their duties under



In the best-case scenarios, the certified show just traces of knowledge on the subject, NOT ENOUGH INDEED


So ask, pretend, get the most that you can for the open market, independence and transparency, because this is the only way to not be afraid of IDIOTS, certified and not