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The TRUSTCHAIN made IN Malta, the place of Blockchain, DLT, Crypto, AI, ML, CI, IoT, FinTech, TechFin, has to be the place of TRUST first

TRUSTCHAIN from Malta, the place where I love to live and learn

Dear friends

of the Blockchain Island and

of the entire world coming here to listen to the events and experiencing what actually can happen and can’t happen as well …

Your thoughts are creating a huge flow in my mind due to a very long experience and exposure to reality in different countries you named and many others more.


1) beloved France, something I can not live without for a long list of reasons, is a global symbol for organization and leadership modeling that I can wrap up in one word as CENTRALISATION …
Therefore in a world that needs a really open competitive decentralized environment to improve #transparency#independence #integrity#productivity, the gap to be filled is definitely huge


2) One of the most relevant change that the world needs is the leadership model, or better no leadership at all. As the most evolved biological systems and holocracy modeling, you need leaders because you have a centralized control approach, no people empowerment and executors or sheeple on board. The organization and rewarding systems are still shaped with the style of the forced Amy in the pre-medieval age and still taught at the academic level and applied in the corporate training programs, no leaders want a paradigm change at all, just to create a useless needs of themselves (as higher you climb up the pyramid as worst it is)


3) Apart the manipulative marketing use of many experiences based on Blockchain, #DLT, #AI, fully centralized and so on , the gap is that all this stuff do consider just a mathematical approach instead of a biological driven that typically humans apply in shaping reality. So is not #AI the way, but #CI instead, being the computational intelligence a set of nature-inspired computational methodologies and approaches to addressing complex real-world problems to which mathematical or traditional modeling can be useless.


4) the useful blockchain the one I call PPLT public permissionless instead of pplt private permissioned, where all the players including customers and competitors can verify themselves, is interesting just a few people and corporations because we have a world driven by manipulators and certified idiots with a public monopolist (centralized) role, that do not want leave their rooms but are becoming shortly useless.

Remember that having rights means to have liabilities on the other side … For humans and robots as well

Change comes from diversity, we need very different seeds to change the world, the beauty of the words and coding are not enough to get it since humans carry on to behave in the old way and society keeps incentivizing replicators and semantic innovators.

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