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UK new immigration points system from January 2021, do your math and get the minimum 70 scores to get the permanent VISA




Starting from JAN 2021, apart from having a passport, a visa, an adequate health insurance coverage, for those who wish to stay in the UK for more than three months, it will be necessary to obtain a work permit (so-called work visa).


Foreign nationals wishing to come to the UK for work purposes will need to score 70 points to successfully apply for an online “e-visa”.

If an applicant meets the criteria of the minimum requirements, they will be awarded 50 points.

But to score above this threshold they will have to meet other criteria based on salary,

seeking to work in a sector with a recognised labour shortage or having a PhD.

Features                                                                     Essential           Score

Job offer from an approved sponsor                                            YES                20
Work with a high level of knowledge                                            YES                20
Speak English at a required level                                                  YES                10

Salary from £ 20,480 to £ 23,039                                                     NO                   0
Salary from £ 23,040 to £ 25,599                                                     NO                  10
Salary from £ 25,600                                                                          NO                  20

Having a relevant PhD Degree                                                         NO                 10

Having a PhD Degree in STEM subjects                                         NO                 20

Job position in which there is a shortage of labor force           NO                 20


UK Government:

“We want to see overall numbers down and this new system will deliver. Our new immigration system will turn off the tap of cheap, foreign low-skilled labour.

Workers coming to the UK will have to prove they have something to offer.

We are not closing our doors, but we will finally be able to choose who comes through them.

We will attract the top talent from anywhere in the world.

Allowing us to attract the brightest and the best from around the globe who will help our economy to thrive.

From next year, all skilled workers will need to earn enough points to work in the UK.

They will need to speak English, have a firm job offer, and meet the salary requirements.

Extra points will be awarded to people who have the most to offer, including those working in a profession where there is a real skills shortage.”


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