WfH SouthWorking VitaminD in the sun and great place to relocate for your Smartworking in Malta


There are #decentralized alternative to a #centralized #suicide, leaving to individuals the choice to protect themselves … To be #autonomous or a Sheeple is up to you
“it is clear that no #vaccine will be widely available until spring at the earliest, and perhaps never. There is still no vaccine for Sars and there are reports that coronavirus is #mutating. it is unlikely to eliminate Covid-19 entirely. We must learn to live with this thing.
Too much modelling is being kept private, and too many assumptions go unchallenged.
But a long-term strategy should surely consider it. How about giving everyone #VitaminD tablets, which have been shown to help against the virus, and a personal #weightloss coach? If we had done that several months ago, we might have improved the odds of resistance to #Covid-19″
These are the data showing that …
Ït is now widely known that a disproportionate number of COVID-19 related mortalities in the UK have been in non-white, BAME populations [2]. The obese, diabetics, hypertensives and the elderly have also been disproportionately affected. BAME doctors account for 94% of total deaths of doctors but comprise 44% of doctors [1]. The suggestion that these deaths result from deprivation does not fit with the high numbers of deaths of doctors and others in higher socio-economic classes; there must be a different and perhaps more comprehensive explanation. This review examines the compelling body of evidence strongly implicating varying levels of serum vitamin D levels in the significantly disparate outcomes between different groups of people and between different countries. It explores the extent of vitamin D deficiency, highlighting countries and categories of people most likely to be deficient. It demonstrates that the UK suffers from exceptionally high levels of vitamin D deficiency with serum levels averaging only 20ng/ml, half the optimal level; It examines the strong body of existing evidence connecting vitamin D deficiency to increased respiratory tract infections highlighting the central epigenetic role of vitamin D in immune system responses during a respiratory tract infection with SARS-CoV-2; It reviews research flagging correlations between COVID-19 outcomes and vitamin D deficiency and studies providing the first direct evidence linking low vitamin D status with worse outcomes from COVID-19. Cautions regarding future trial designs and lack of evidence for toxicity concerns are both discussed. Current UK guidelines recommend 400 IU of vitamin D per day whereas 6,000-10,000 IU per day is required to maintain blood levels of 40ng/ml, widely accepted as being the level required to support immunity, optimal health, and reduction in all-cause mortality. The financial cost of vitamin D deficiency in the UK has been estimated at around £20 billion per annum.”
Are you #deficient?
I mean, vitaminD deficient … #SouthLiving #SouthWorking #NoCovid
So, you could move to Malta in a hotel with half board pack starting from Eur500/month
Cheap money, free VitaminD from the Sun, and great lifestyle and services
Are you #antifragile and #crash proof??? To pick up your #assetallocation and the #jurisdiction of choice, #macroeconomy analysis and #stability matter more than just the #tax rate #maltawayYour assets governance independent international advisory #investments #governance #wealthprotection #relocation #expat

Mediterranean SouthWorking and Tax rate in Europe



If you pick up the right #jurisdiction for
the #liability is to stay in #London #Paris #Frankfurt #Milan or elsewhere

We call it #Mediterranean #SouthWorking …

Too many corporations are not capable to manage it destroying #trust instead of building a #decentralized capacity
#Compliance is just an excuse, what matters is the #businessmodel
“employees who relocated could be considered to have a #permanentestablishment in the country they were working from, exposing the employer and employee to tax in the host country.
If a worker were to have a “permanent establishment” in a different country, the employer also “needs to consider the relevant compliance steps and allocate the right amount of profit” attributed to the employee
A Swiss bank also put in place a tracking mechanism in the spring and is able to digitally monitor from where in the world staff are logging into its systems, thereby ensuring they are complying”
Instead, we have smarter corporations, doing it differently

Do the right #choice with an #independent #advice either you are the #employer or you are the #employee or the #contractor