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If you ask for money, you get advice.

If you ask for advice, you get money.

Just in case MALTAway….who we are what we do

Why? Because at our basic human roots, we’re wired to help others. If you follow Gestalt psychology, we each work individually to benefit the community as a whole. We learn, remember, and teach different branches of knowledge. We want to impart our knowledge. We strive to become something more than the sum of our parts.

Even if you’re not a CEO looking to raise funding, you can use this tactic to get a raise or land that initial job. Instead of walking into the meeting demanding a higher salary, ask how you can contribute more to the company. Your boss will examine your work and reevaluate your worth. By asking for advice on your role, you can earn a raise without ever asking for it.

Don’t hard sell anyone, especially when first reaching out. Ease into the conversation with a relaxed and friendly tone, maintaining an openness about your intentions. The other person will come up with their own ideas on how they want to work with you and get excited about the prospects.

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