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People in Malta are happier than the average European in every aspect of their lives apart from the environment and commuting time, a survey has found.

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Only people in Serbia, Bulgaria are more concerned about environmental issues than the Maltese, according to the EU-wide quality of life study.

Workers in Denmark and Finland are those most likely to feel enthusiastic when they leave home in the morning.

The survey, sponsored by the EU Commission, is the first of its kind and pulls together a wealth of statistics, research and questionnaires.

It looked at nine different categories, including overall life satisfaction, finances, housing and even commuting time to built up a picture of life in 32 European countries.

Malta came 12th for overall satisfaction, just behind Britain and Germany.

Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Finland, followed by Switzerland and Iceland, had the most contented people overall, while Bulgarians and Serbians were least satisfied.

Maltese people gave their personal relationships 8.4 out of ten against a 7.8 EU average.

Ireland and Switzerland topped the table with 8.6. Accommodation was the second most satisfactory aspect of life in Malta, with a 7.9 mark, the same as the UK.

That is 0.4 higher than the average.

The only other category where the Maltese were less satisfied than most Europeans was in commuting time, with a 6.6 rating against a 7.1 EU norm.

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