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MALTA, zero-emissions cabs moving the market towards sustainable transport

Greenr has successfully introduced zero-emissions cabs in Malta, a brand new fleet of 100% electric vehicles

We believe that many Corporations and Individuals seek what we have found , and we want to share , we need only starting to think and act differently … and our contribution

MALTAway is a web portal driven by an holistic vision to offer integrated services such as Corporate Services, Tax & Legal, Management Consulting, Governance, Investment, Business Advisory, Relocation, in favor of the Corporations, Business, Finance, HNWIs;

MALTA is the best place to move in, with an Anglo-Saxon Business Culture and Regulatory environment in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, to prosper, develop and protect the Business and the Assets of a Corporation and HNWIs as well….and now moving towards a sustainable transport too

Stuck in traffic, surrounded by the noise of the neighboring cars, you’re tired of breathing polluting gases and look sadly at the façade of surrounding buildings blackened by diesel fumes. You wish you could change this reality for a quieter and cleaner one. Now is your chance to take a first step.
Greenr has successfully introduced zero-emissions cabs in Malta, a brand new fleet of 100% electric vehicles at your service 24/7. Using Greenr, not only can you minimize your impact on the environment but you can also access a company with a great level of service and rated 5* by its customers.

Fabien Courtellemont, managing director, says: “Contrary to common belief, electric cars are not tiny golf carts. Our brand new Nissan Leafs are the most produced electric cars in the world for a reason; they combine the comfort of a real sedan, that is enough space for four people and their luggage, with the incredible silence one can only experience in an electric car. It is actually quite startling for our first time customers!

“Our cabs are most probably the quietest cabs on the market so business people keep their phone calls for their trips with us, to have the best conditions for their conversation, and with fast WiFi onboard and a charger for your phone, you can be 100% efficient.”

Whether you need a cab for now or later, ordering is very easy – simply click on and follow the steps. As soon as confirmed, the order will go directly to your driver who will be there at the agreed time.

If you do not want to carry cash with you, Greenr offers online credit card payment facilities. You can even pay with your PayPal account. Cashless payments will even give you a €2 discount on your trip. Corporate accounts are available for companies.

Greenr offers a great opportunity to companies willing to show their commitment to sustainable development but also to companies interested in surprising their customers or employees with a different and green service.

For any information, visit the website, email [email protected] or call 27 38 38 38.

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