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Accounting, management, economics faculty most popular at university

1,741 students were enrolled in courses within the Faculty for Economics, Management and Accountancy within the University of Malta as of the 2014-15 academic year, more than in any other faculty.
The information was tabled in Parliament by Education Minister Evarist Bartolo in response to a parliamentary question by Labour MP Anthony Agius Decelis.
1,287 students were enrolled in courses within the Faculty of Health Sciences, 1,186 within the Faculty of Arts, 1.063 within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, 1,043 within the Faculty of Laws, 920 within the Faculty of Education, and 822 within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing.
410 were enrolled in courses within the Faculty for the Built Environment, 62 within the Faculty for dental Surgery, 475 within the Faculty of Engineering, 328 within the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, 247 within the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, 399 within the Faculty of Sciences, and 182 within the Faculty of Theology.
In total, 11,476 students were enrolled in courses within faculties, institutes, centres and academies within the University of Malta.
The University also employed a total of 2,554 staff as of the most recent academic year, 1717 of whom were academic staff. Their salaries, allowances and bonuses cost €65,718,995 in 2014, continuing the upwards trend that has been present since 2000.

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