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Automatic Exchange of Information
Committed Countries

On 1 January 2016 the automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters came into effect. Ignorance is of course no excuse and ignoring the matter can result in trouble.

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What is Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI)?

It is a Global Common Reporting and Due Diligence Standard (CRS) which is developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in cooperation with G20 and the European Union. As per latest available update 89 countries have committed to implement AEoI either by September 2017 or September 2018. In terms of AEoI’s implementation, the CRS will need to be translated into domestic law, whereas the Competent Authority Agreements can be executed within existing legal frameworks such as Article 6 of the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters or the equivalent of Article 26 in bilateral Double Tax Treaties.

In plain English, governments participating in this will obtain detailed account information from their financial institutions and exchange that information automatically with other jurisdictions on an annual basis. The purpose behind this initiative is the protection of the integrity of the tax systems of each participating country and suppress the tax evasion through offshore jurisdictions.

What will be reported and by whom?

All financial institutions (banks, custodians, treasury, brokers, certain collective investment vehicles and specified insurance companies) will report the following information:

  • Investment income (interest, dividends, income from certain insurance contracts);
  • Account balances;
  • Sales proceeds from financial assets; and
  • Other income generated with respect to assets held in the account or payments made with respect to the account.

Reportable accounts and persons

  • Individual accounts (name, address, residency, TIN, date & place of birth);
  • Corporate accounts (trusts & foundations) (name, address, residency, TIN)
  • Individuals that ultimately control the entities, trusts and foundations (passive NFE) (name, address, residency, TIN, date & place of birth);
  • Estate of decedents.

Which countries are participating and when?

CountryReporting Date
Albania AlbaniaSept 2018
Andorra AndorraSept 2018
Anguilla AnguillaSept 2017
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and BarbudaSept 2018
Argentina ArgentinaSept 2017
Aruba ArubaSept 2018
Australia AustraliaSept 2018
Austria AustriaSept 2018
Bahamas The BahamasSept 2018
Barbados BarbadosSept 2017
Belgium BelgiumSept 2017
Belize BelizeSept 2018
Bermuda BermudaSept 2017
Brazil BrazilSept 2018
British Virgin Islands British Virgin IslandsSept 2017
Brunei Darussalam Brunei DarussalamSept 2018
Bulgaria BulgariaSept 2017
Canada CanadaSept 2018
Cayman Islands Cayman IslandsSept 2017
Chile ChileSept 2018
China ChinaSept 2018
Colombia ColombiaSept 2017
Cook Islands Cook IslandsSept 2018
Costa Rica Costa RicaSept 2018
Croatia CroatiaSept 2017
Curacao CuraçaoSept 2017
Cyprus CyprusSept 2017
Czech Republic Czech RepublicSept 2017
Denmark DenmarkSept 2017
Dominica DominicaSept 2017
Estonia EstoniaSept 2017
Faroe Islands Faroe IslandsSept 2017
Finland FinlandSept 2017
France FranceSept 2017
Germany GermanySept 2017
Ghana GhanaSept 2018
Gibraltar GibraltarSept 2017
Greece GreeceSept 2017
Greenland GreenlandSept 2017
Grenada GrenadaSept 2018
Guernsey GuernseySept 2017
Hong Kong Hong Kong (China)Sept 2018
Hungary HungarySept 2017
Iceland IcelandSept 2017
India IndiaSept 2017
Indonesia IndonesiaSept 2018
Ireland IrelandSept 2017
Isle of Man Isle of ManSept 2017
Israel IsraelSept 2018
Italy ItalySept 2017
Japan JapanSept 2018
Jersey JerseySept 2017
Kuwait KuwaitSept 2018
Latvia LatviaSept 2017
Liechtenstein LiechtensteinSept 2017
Lithuania LithuaniaSept 2017
Luxembourg LuxembourgSept 2017
Macao Macao (China)Sept 2018
Malaysia MalaysiaSept 2018
Malta MaltaSept 2017
Marshall Islands Marshall IslandsSept 2018
Mauritius MauritiusSept 2017
Mexico MexicoSept 2017
Monaco MonacoSept 2018
Montserrat MontserratSept 2017
Nauru NauruSept 2018
New Zealand New ZealandSept 2018
Netherlands NetherlandsSept 2017
Niue NiueSept 2017
Norway NorwaySept 2017
Poland PolandSept 2017
Portugal PortugalSept 2017
Qatar QatarSept 2018
Romania RomaniaSept 2017
Russia RussiaSept 2018
Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and NevisSept 2018
Saint Lucia Saint LuciaSept 2018
Saint Maarten Sint MaartenSept 2018
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSept 2018
San Marino San MarinoSept 2017
Samoa SamoaSept 2018
Saudi Arabia Saudi ArabiaSept 2018
Seychelles SeychellesSept 2017
Singapore SingaporeSept 2018
Slovak Republic Slovak RepublicSept 2017
Slovenia SloveniaSept 2017
South Africa South AfricaSept 2017
South Korea KoreaSept 2017
Spain SpainSept 2017
Sweden SwedenSept 2017
Switzerland SwitzerlandSept 2018
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and TobagoSept 2017
Turkey TurkeySept 2018
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos IslandsSept 2017
United Arab Emirates United Arab EmiratesSept 2018
United Kingdom United KingdomSept 2017
Uruguay UruguaySept 2018
Vanuatu VanuatuSept 2018

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