Why English, Not Mandarin, Is the Language of Innovation . Visit Malta for your best quality/price ratio in teaching English

As a result, companies around the world are choosing English as their official corporate language

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The popularity of the QWERTY keyboard means programming languages typically use the Roman alphabet as well. In fact, the top 10 programming languages in the world are English-based. Two of these, Python and Ruby, were actually created by native Dutch- and Japanese-speakers, respectively, which shows that nonnative English speakers adapt to learn and use English when trying to accomplish broad goals.

English’s importance in the early development of modern technology has cemented its global importance today. Fifty-six percent of all online content in the world is in English. Accessing this content and drawing revenue from it requires English skills, which businesses and consumers alike are eager to acquire.

According to the annual English Proficiency Index for companies, English is a top priority for the world’s fastest-growing markets because it’s the common language that diverse and international companies use to communicate.