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Expat Relocation NO borders, Are you cash rich and time poor?

Our knowledge of the World and the 30 best jurisdictions as a factor in your success!



When choosing a country, whether it be


  • of Expatriation,
  • of Investment,
  • of domiciling a business and a company,
  • of opening a market,
  • to carry out one’s professional activity,
  • to transfer one’s pension or
  • to be a digital nomad in smart working,


we have developed a model covering

6 macro-areas from the Geo-Political to the Macro-Economic situation, to then identify the well-known fiscal or regulatory issues

both in relation to individuals and to corporate or asset protection structures.

We offer a highly qualified professional advice, to compare the legal, tax, wealth, regulatory, financial, macro-economic, geo-political implications of these choices amongst different jurisdictions, considering the country of choice to be a fiscal resident, to locate assets, to domicile a company

The indicated advisory model and methodology are based on a specific foundation of academic studies, professional practices and experiential observations, which show how a country based on an extensive, pervasive and bureaucratic state, leads to a macroeconomic situation in which deficit and debt go into a direction of out-of-control growth that feeds on itself.


This condition is also present in many developed countries, in Europe in the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece) joined during the pandemic by France, Cyprus and the UK, leading to an increased consumption of public resources, a country starved of taxes and debt that are then demanded from its tax residents, who are subject to taxation on all income and assets worldwide with an added obligation of a declaratory regime




What do we need to check to assess a jurisdiction in addition to its macroeconomic situation, regulatory profile, taxation conditions, cost of living, its health system, climate, type of resident population, connections for people and goods? 



What can we do to manage and reduce Country, Banking, Regulatory, Pension, Financial, Occupational, Health, Geographical RISK?

Expatriating, transferring your residence, business or assets abroad means improving your risk management


A personalised professional Expatriation Consultancy service, for the choices of Expatriation, transfer of Residence abroad and protection of Individuals and Businesses with a comparison between your jurisdiction, the World and 30 other countries

with analysis of specific individual needs and identification of opportunities and solutions offered by a redomiciliation of oneself or one’s assets or business in Malta, an International Advisory service with solutions and opportunities of expatriation with respect to your country and other countries in Europe or outside Europe.



WHY does making expatriation choices produce value?

  • For an exploratory holiday?

  • For a work experience abroad?
  • For a choice of life?
  • To transfer your pension abroad?
  • For a business choice?
  • For a choice of investment or wealth protection?


FOR WHOM is this expatriation path a real opportunity?


  • Individuals

  • Investors in traditional assets and Crypto
  • Families
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Manager and Corporate executive
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Small Business
  • Large companies

For each of them, We have experimented and built professional, fiscal and legal solutions with specific packages fitting everyone’s needs

For many years we have satisfied numerous requests for an advisory service dedicated to People and Companies, HNWIs, Company Executives, in relation to the evaluation of opportunities, actions and risks for an international relocation, to become what the jargon of the globe defines EXpat.

International relocation may concern the person, a corporate or private citizen manager, may involve his assets, wealth, tangibles and intangibles, or be of interest to a business, a company, a corporate structure or a part of it.

We offer an Education and Advisory service and an International Benchmark for different countries and jurisdictions.

There is no ideal place, except for the specific needs of a single individual, his family, his assets, his business.

We offer you different solutions, which with correct and gradual steps lead you to make the conscious choice



  • A first Training and Advisory session, on the phone on Skype or Whatsapp, or face to face in front of a coffee, to understand your needs, what you are looking for, help you understand which is your ideal destination, answers to your questions and give you the first indications to find your way to reach your goals
  • We save you time in the expensive search for information and contacts because we have the knowledge of the country, of the macro-economic situation, of the system, of the regulations, of the local uses, the experience and skills necessary to follow you, advise you and show you the way simple and smooth
  • We save you money because of our holistic experience and wide practices in different countries and because we have a selected network of local partners with budgeted and competitive costs for all your needs, without commissions or surcharges for you.
  • A further strength is that we do not know only the macro-economic, legal, fiscal, regulatory system of the destination country but we consider also the one of your country of origin. We can therefore help you avoid falling into errors that arise when moving residence, assets and businesses from one country to another



It is a solution with a package built for each individual category of recipients, which allows YOU to evaluate with greater depth and therefore awareness a choice, an important decision for our future, the quality of life and the impact on YOUR own economic situation referred either to income or assets


  • We have a dedicated on-line travel agency to offer you hotels or residences already selected and in line with your needs at really advantageous prices (ask us for a quote to check) for your first approach and knowledge of the island and a personal traveller on the spot to give you all the directions to explore your chosen destination


3 – ACTION AND SUPPORT for ALL THE PROJECT, remotely and on the country site

It is a solution with a package built for each individual category of recipients, which allows all actions to be implemented holistically, in the country of origin and in the destination country, to make a successful pathway into the project.

To understand, decide and act please contact us without hesitation, Good morning for a new World, YOURS!