AI, ML, IOT, CRYPTO, DLT, BLOCKCHAIN, VFA (Virtual Financial Asset), ICO

Malta, the crypto innovation Hub with a new Authority for a “Legal Certainty and Trust”

Malta, after the long and very successful experience with eGaming Valley in the Mediterranean sea, now is ready to start to be the jurisdiction of choice for the Crypto world, with a new, innovative, disruptive concept crypto-friendly to the digital markets’ players and regulators

A country offering a legal financial framework now regulated, with a wide and strong ecosystem for Virtual Currency, Crypto Currency, Crypto funds, AI, ML, IOT, DLT, BLOCKCHAIN, VFA (Virtual Financial Asset), ICO

Malta is a melting pot of different cultures and lifestyle, the place where the carbon meet the silicon to build TRUST and now offering a unique mix of Governance based on:

  • Technology
  • Financials
  • Stability
  • Certainty

To face with this always fast changing real and digital world

CRYPTO Malta, Think, Shape, Deliver to be the jurisdiction of choice …The new CRYPTO GOVERNANCE era in ON

To face with this always fast changing real and digital world



” if you’re doing an ICO and the token represents a share in the company that’s called a security, it should fall under securities legislation. But we need microsurgery on this new economy. We don’t need to bring a chainsaw to it. This would be one of the three most important rate determining factors in terms of what countries emerge not just with the Blockchain industry, but with the whole new innovation economy. Do governments do the right thing and implement sensible legislation or did they mess it up? ” Don Tapscott about funding innovation

The steps are:

  1. to set up the Malta Digital Innovation Authority
  2. a Bill that will set out the regime for the registration of Technology Service Providers and the certification of Technology Arrangements with certified surveyors within the authority would verify that the information being logged on the platform
  3. a draft will formalize the framework for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and a law will impose regulation on services directly related to cryptocurrencies, with the Intermediaries like brokers, exchanges, wallet providers, managers, and investment advisors will be subjected to its provisions

Have a look at the new MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority) issued the last 29 Jan 2018 …. see all the communication below

MALTA regulator MFSA VC crypto 20180129

  1. Technology Arrangements and Services Act
  2. Virtual Financial Assets Act:
  3. Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act:

    MFSA Circular to the Industry on the Supplementary Conditions applicable to Collective Investment Schemes Investing in Virtual Currencies 

     Further to the above, the Supplementary Conditions have been inserted as additional provisions under the revised Part A – The Application Process and as a new section under Appendix I to Part B – Standard Licence Conditions . The links to the aforementioned documents are as follows:

    1. Part A – The Application Process

    2. Appendix I to Part B – Standard Licence Conditions
    It should further be noted that both Part A and

    Appendix III

    to Part B have been revised to reflect the amendments proposed in the

    Consultation on the Proposed Revised Rulebooks applicable to Collective Investment Schemes

    issued by the Authority on 27 December 2016.

    The publication of the Supplementary Conditions is just the first step taken by the MFSA towards achieving a comprehensive regulatory framework in which industry participant swishing to provide services in relation to VC may operate.

Refer to the Professional Investor Funds (PIFs) as already existing an regulated Investment vehicle in Malta

Professional Investor Funds (PIFs) details: Maltaway FM Fact Sheet – PIFs (Investment Funds and Asset Management 2015)

“While most countries were attempting to incorporate blockchain technology into an ‘existing bureaucratic model Draper said Malta had the foresight to develop a framework from the ground up”


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