Law and taxation for expatriates, Individuals, HNWIS, Businesses, Corporations, out-of-court and asset protection, structures setup, rights and contracts



Legal advice for expatriates, Individuals, HNWIS, Businesses, Corporations

Expatriation means having the strength and energy to choose to leave, to face new challenges and a new life without reference points, to live with different languages, cultures and traditions, to juggle different laws, systems and bureaucracies.

As an expatriate lawyer (I live on the small island of Malta – Europe) I have accumulated the necessary professional experience, often experiencing many problems live, to answer all the legal questions that arise for those who decide to move to live abroad or for those who already live there.

My legal advice covers a wide range of topics including residence and foreign taxation, structures setup, asset protection, but also the advice you need to resolve out-of-court your problems with debt collection, bank debts, contracts and the protection of your legal rights as a consumer.


Residence and foreign taxation

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Opening a new door is never easy!

A clear answer on what to do as INDIVIDUALS to transfer your civil and fiscal residence abroad, register with Aire, transfer your pension, fulfil administrative procedures, visas, permits, health care, open a foreign bank account, etc.

Professional advice for COMPANIES on international taxation, on the different world taxation systems, on setting up and domiciling COMPANIES abroad.

Personalised legal advice for moving abroad without obstacles and without losing your mind among laws, documents and paperwork.

Out-of-court advice

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Writing a formal letter of complaint or a contract can be a headache!

Legal advice on writing a formal letter of objection to your supplier or disputing an online purchase and protecting your legal rights as a consumer.

Professional help to draw up a contract for your business.

Legal advice to resolve out-of-court debt collection problems or bank debts.

Asset and Wealth Protection

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Finding a beacon to a safe harbour is no easy task!

An asset analysis and a solution through legal instruments such as patrimonial funds, trusts, Maltese private foundations, which allow to put in place, on a preventive basis, a safeguard of one’s own assets as a means of planning and managing them.

Succession planning to safeguard the family and avoid unnecessary litigation.

The International lawyer in expatriation

by birth Rossella Gianazza

guides you through the process of moving to live abroad in all legal, fiscal and administrative aspects.

She offers you personalised online advice to solve your legal problems out of court, to draw up contracts or to assert your rights as a consumer.



“Whatever you can do, whatever you can dream, begin. Boldness carries genius, magic and strength. Begin now.”

( J. W. Goethe )


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