Malta and Gozo are charming Islands, situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, with very easy access to all major cities in Europe and North Africa. Great all year round weather.
Very friendly and hospitable people.
Very easy integration within local communities.
Relatively crime free and very safe to live in.
EU Member country offering political stability.
Malta became part of Schengen zone in 2007
English and Maltese are the official languages of the Islands and all Maltese speak English fluently. Other languages also commonly spoken.
Excellent national and private hospital and medical services.
Easy to get help and services.
Abounding with history and cultural life.
Excellent social life for all age groups and a large selection of top quality restaurants and cafes with diverse cuisine.
Surrounded by crystal clear seas and several sandy beaches.
Very good sporting facilities, including an 18-hole golf course, world class diving, sailing and other water sports.
Excellent schooling to above UK standards in English speaking schools and University.
Low cost of living and a wide variety of properties available in all price ranges.
Very stable property market offering steady capital growth.
Daily flights to all major European and North African airports with Low Cost airlines also offering a regular service.
Excellent residency conditions with very low taxation.
No rates or Council taxes are charged in Malta.

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Have you ever thought about moving to live abroad? Have you ever dreamed of leaving and looking for a house elsewhere or relocating your activities or investing in property real estate abroad?

Have you ever thought about moving to Malta and looking for a house there? A place where you can dream and feel joy.

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We at CASA MALTA and MALTAway Travel, in order to ensure that your search for your HOME in MALTA is a positive, fast and quality experience, thanks to our professionals and our partners, we provide you with all-round assistance in your initial journey to get to know the island and your search for hotels


Why and how to buy a house in Malta

Buying a house, apart from answering the basic need to have a roof over one’s head and to satisfy other biological and social needs, is an investment and this is the side we are dealing with here today.

In order for this investment to produce an income or an annuity and, when it is sold, a real increase (net of inflation) in the capital invested, there are three key conditions that must be met for a choice that shows its wisdom over time.

Because it is at the time of buying the house that we create the conditions for it to be a good investment


  1. PRICE, PRICE, PRICE: this is the first condition, once given it cannot be changed. The bargain must be made at the time of purchase and buying a house above market value over time will not produce results. Whether the price was really a good price you will find out from the difference with the price when you sold your house. Before going to negotiate a purchase, build yourself a real purchase alternative so that you will be able, practically and psychologically) to conduct negotiations in the best possible way and get a good price.
  2. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: this second condition also tends to be unchangeable. Buying a house in a well-known area or district, well served by public transport, protected from traffic, noise and pollution, a unique view and context, are elements that give value over time because everyone wants them and tend to be rarer. These conditions can change over time, for the better but also for the worse, check the plans and projects of the macro area and the bordering territory that can change the conditions of the context in which the house of your dreams is inserted; a new public green area, a luxury building, a port and a marina or a new road can change over time the value of the location in which your house is inserted.
  3. QUALITY,  QUALITY, QUALITY : this third important condition represents the distinctive plus (and therefore the value) with respect to the other potential alternatives, this condition is easily modifiable with respect to the interior of the house, finishes, bathroom tiles and accessories, a little more complex when it comes to the external parts that are often shared with other owners and whose modification and improvement requires not only an additional investment but also the approval of third partiesThese 3 conditions must always be respected wherever you want to invest.


If you have decided on a real estate investment abroad consider investing in MALTA.

In MALTA there are ideal conditions for buying a house and making a successful real estate investment:

The Economist’s interactive guide to global housing markets  

Skyrocketing house prices….for 18 of the 23 economies considered (Malta is not present, small and so far out of the headlines but not the targets of smart investors)

Continued price weakness in Southern Europe, Spain, France and Italy and contrasting overheated markets in the Northern European capitals, UK and Sweden.

There are two criteria for assessing whether a market is still in a bubble (overpriced) or whether it is entering a bubble and therefore has unsustainable prices:

  • First if it is affordable, convenient, the measure is the ratio between PRICE and personal NET INCOME.
  • Second, if the investment has a solid financial basis, the measure is the ratio of PRICE to RETURN.

When these values are above historical averages, the property is overvalued, when below it is undervalued.

Malta is a small country and a small market, for the moment still far from the minds and imaginations of the crowds, with average prices still relatively affordable compared to other markets.

The size factor, limits supply by definition, in sharp contrast to an explosive demand in the medium term due to 3 main factors:

  1. the significant number of large international investment and infrastructure projects in MALTA and GOZO
  2. the growing demand from the foreign market, both individuals and companies, looking for residential and commercial properties to live, work, do business, invest and holiday….to name but a few
  3. a steady growth in demand from the local Maltese market, due to the improvement in purchasing power and the clear choice to allocate their resources to real estate investment, an asset considered privileged to be substantially tax-free and with a high expectation of steady cash flows from both short and long term rentals

We have presented you with the opportunity, now it is up to you to act and you can contact us for our help.

And it is at this stage of choosing and buying a home in Malta that we can help you evaluate:


– the price compared to the market

– the location

– the quality