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WHY Maltaway International Advisory




Too many consultants are like therapists using patients’ vulnerability to create a dependency and an ever-greater flow of fees
The only way to stop it is for companies or Individuals to learn how to run themselves.

We are truly independent to deliver Knowledge via Advisory & Education to transfer to a client the capacity to be independent via Experience


We are at your disposal to assist you in a professional path, from the analysis and planning phase to the realization of the transfer to Malta and your Jurisdiction of choice, for people, assets, company re-domiciliation, with the identification of the most suitable and compliant solutions, delivered to you with specific advisory packages.

We will be able to evaluate together your specific needs and provide you with the right answers to identify the services offered by MALTAway and a full range of the Malta’s opportunities with a benchmark with other European or extra European Jurisdictions

MALTA way: our knowledge of the world, Europe, Italy and Malta as a factor of your success!

WHY MALTAWAY? is the key question indeed!

We believe that many Corporations and Individuals  seek what we have found , and we want to share , we need only starting to think and act differently … and our contribution

To help people is really awesome. Obviously, there’s a monetary reward for that but when our inbox is filled with people who are asking questions and we’re becoming part of their own process that is really cool.

WHY MALTAWAY International Advisory  ….we did it already

why maltaway international advisory

MALTAway offers integrated Corporate Services, Tax & Legal, Management Consulting, Governance, Investment, Business Advisory, Relocation, addressed to the world of Corporations, Business, Finance, HNWIs

The Complexity of the Simplicity

We believe there are 4 key elements to ensure a unique support and value to individuals and companies :

  • 1 ) a team of professionals who has a professional and life experiences in Italy and Malta , but also in different locations of the world , to understand if and why Malta is the ideal solution
  • 2 ) provide a turnkey professional service , able to support you both regulatory and tax aspects of Malta and Italy , to close the circle and not leave open potentially dangerous pitfalls
  • 3 ) we invest time, professional capacity and network, to do on site in Malta a meticulous selection to find out the best local partners, fitting the different clients’ needs, building partnerships that can offer specific solutions necessary to enable you to start quickly with maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • 4 ) and lastly , but very important as well, the absence of conflicts of interest and a truly Independence in the Board and as Advisors

We are a COMPANY ADVISORY with new ideas, values and skills, a laboratory for analysis and research, for the well-being of the Financial and Human CAPITAL. Financial and Human CAPITAL, in strict alphabetical order, are the basic elements and essential for the development of the individual, the community, the nation, the company, the humankind,  the globe. A professional network with bases in Malta, Italy, Switzerland, England, Dubai, USA, Australia, gives us a contribution for analysis, research and solutions having a truly global mindset.

In our team we have Senior Executives and Professionals with a long and extensive international experience, as Directors and Consultants, in the Board of global and family Corporations, Corporate Services and Management Consulting, Financial Research and Investment Products; moreover is a part of our team, an Italian lawyer resident in Malta, licensed to practice law in Malta and to carry out the activities as an authorized intermediary by the MFSA and all the activities in the legal advisory area as well


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Board, Governance & Investments – New way for Global thinking & Local Actions