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Residence as the place where one moves to live on a habitual basis is a concept with different connotations and civil and fiscal implications.


Each country adopts a different system of registration, communication or obtaining residence permits.


Obviously, the concept of residence for European citizens goes hand in hand with the right to free movement of persons in the European area, while in the case of expatriation to a non-EU country or in the case of non-EU citizens who want to enter Europe, the situation becomes more complex and linked to obtaining visas or permits.

In Europe, there is no unitary tax system and direct taxation remains the responsibility of individual countries while there are common regulations for indirect taxation for the free circulation of goods and services.

There are some countries that have adopted preferential regimes for high net worth individuals (HNWIs) or pensioners such as Malta.


MALTAway offers legal services for the transfer of residence of non-EU citizens to Malta and Europe on the basis of the different schemes provided by the current Maltese, European and International regulations, in relation to the different subjective and citizenship profiles of the applicants for residence and their income and wealth situation.

MALTAway’s competitive advantage and result for residency services is based on the deep knowledge of both Maltese and European and Global systems of laws and regulations, through the experience gained over the years, to offer international clients the necessary advice to achieve a correct and fast transfer process.
Our relocation and residency legal assistance and advice is aimed at large global corporations, medium-sized and family businesses, their executives and employees, individuals, HNWIs and retirees.

We are at your disposal to assist you in a professional path, from the analysis and planning phase to the actual realization of the relocation abroad of people, assets, re-domiciliation or incorporation of companies, with the identification of the most suitable solutions to your income and assets profile, through specific advisory packages.
Together we can assess your specific needs and provide you with the appropriate answers to identify MALTAway’s services and opportunities in Malta or other countries in Europe.

MALTAway Partners are Authorised Registered Mandatories of MALTA Inland Revenue/MFSA.


Malta in November 2020 introduced a new citizenship program by investment already explained in detail, aimed at non-European citizens who want to obtain a European passport.

In this case, it is a matter of obtaining new citizenship with all the related implications.

It is also possible to obtain a new permanent residence in a European State through investment programs.


So here in MALTA we have the new residence scheme in EUROPE for NON EU: THE PERMANENT RESIDENCE PROGRAM


Malta with Legal Notice 121/2021 has approved a new residency scheme ”Malta Permanent Residence Programme” replacing the previous Malta Residence and Visa Program, aimed at attracting foreign investors from outside Europe to the country, seeking a visa that would allow permanent residence in a European country.

Any person interested in applying to this program is required to do so through an approved registered agent or accredited person


Individuals who are authorized to participate in this program, who are not of Maltese origin, and who intend to remain in Malta for a substantial period of time but do not intend to settle permanently in Malta, will be classified as resident but not domiciled in Malta (NON-DOM).

Such individuals will be taxed on income earned in Malta. They will not be taxed on non-Maltese income not remitted to Malta. Capital gains will not be taxed even if remitted to Malta.



For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us

either for more detailed information on the Residency, Citizenship and Visa Program of Malta and other jurisdictions and to advise you on the best real estate solutions in Malta and Gozo and on a Qualifying Investment in Malta and many other jurisdictions

MALTAway Partners are Authorised Registered Mandatories of MALTA Inland Revenue/MFSA.

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