The Complexity of the Simplicity


We believe there are 4 key elements to ensure a unique support and value to individuals and companies :

  • 1 ) a team of professionals who has professional and life experiences in Italy and Malta , but also in 30+ different locations of the world, to understand if and why Malta or another jurisdiction is the ideal solution
  • 2 ) provide a turnkey professional service , able to support you both regulatory and tax aspects of Malta and Italy , to close the circle and not leave open potentially dangerous pitfalls
  • 3 ) we invest time, professional capacity and network, to do on site in Malta a meticulous selection to find out the best local partners, fitting the different clients’ needs, building partnerships that can offer specific solutions necessary to enable you to start quickly with maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • 4 ) and lastly , but very important as well, the absence of conflicts of interest and a truly Independence in the Board and as Advisors


residence relocation tax legal

residence relocation tax legal





Too many consultants are like therapists using patients’ vulnerability to create a dependency and an ever-greater flow of fees
The only way to stop it is for companies or Individuals to learn how to run themselves.

We are truly independent to deliver Knowledge via Advisory & Education to transfer to a client the capacity to be independent via Experience


Legal Director and MALTAway Partner is Rossella Gianazza,  Italian and Maltese Lawyer (Advocate), and Authorised Registered Mandatories for MALTA Inland Revenue/MFSA

She gained 35+ years of a vast experience in the legal practice area, in both civil and commercial law. First as a partner of an International Law Firm, second in the Legal Department of the largest Italian Bank, third as an Asset Manager of Non Performing Loans (NPL) in an American Financial Corporation and lastly as Legal Director of a Corporate and Advisory Service Company. She has a extensive experience as a lawyer and manager in the Corporate and Finance areas, as well as in litigation and advisory, with large expertise in the management of NPLs. She is the competence’s leader of our advisory in favour of  Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Individuals and HNWIs on NPL and Banking, Re-Domiciliation, Residence , Asset and Wealth Protection, Trust, Foundation and Property Acquisition Procedures.



The MALTAway Managing Partner is Alberto Balatti,

35+ years experience in the Governance, Management and Investment practices as Assets Allocation, Investments Advisor, VP of Corporate Services, Advisory Business Managing Partner, Independent Board and Committees Advisor, broadly skilled in global Business & Cross-Cultural Management, Relocation & Domiciliation, International Taxation, Finance & HR.

Director and Board Advisor since 1990, with a wide experience in leading and Advise Key Board’s Committees (Investments, Strategic Investment/competitive landscape, Compensation, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Nomination) and setting/leading Corporate shared services & centers of excellence.

Extensive global Advisory practice as Senior Executive and as Board Advisor in AIF funds and FinTech as well, and as Advisor for Boards, Entrepreneurs, HNWIs and investors in the new FinTech based on Crypto, DLT, Algos, ML, AI

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As Director of MALTAWAY, Alberto serves as Board and Committees Advisor, leveraging on his long and global experience as a partner in the HEAD HUNTING arena, he strives to select high-caliber professionals who serve as investment committee members and non-executive directors and to develop and promote the proper and modern corporate governance best practice in Malta and globally.

Broadly skilled in Governance, Investments, and Global Business Management,  Director and Board and Committees Advisor since 1990, with a wide experience in leading/advise Key Board’s Committees (Investments, Strategic Investment/competitive landscape, Compensation, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Nomination) and setting/leading Corporate shared services & centers of excellence.

Strong influence at Board level and big-picture view with entrepreneurial attitudes, with a long experience in Board, Governance & Investments practices, like Board Committees, Corporate/Fiscal/Regulatory, Finance&Investment, PrivateEquity/M&A/JVs, Management Consulting, to deliver the business targets and actively contribute to the bottom-line, with a full charge of ROE, P&L, EBITDA, CAGR, IRR.

Entrepreneurial and business-minded, with strategic capabilities and a hands-on working style. Able to implement a company strategy and business model, supervising the execution of a business plan and ensuring that the customer focus thinking within the company is being achieved.

Consolidated commercial, economic&financial skills, transforming the strategic plan into results. Thanks to a long experience with professional project delivery and mandates in Italy, Europe, Egypt, UK, Switzerland, USA, Asia, Malta, the expertise (linguistic, cultural, regulatory) is useful for global thinking and local action in different locations and for multinational teams



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